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Cucumber 1.0.0


I am so thrilled about this I set up a blog!

Today I released Cucumber 1.0.0 after three years in the making. Here are some interesting numbers:

What’s next? I am working on a Cucumber book with Matt Wynne that will be out later this year. There is a Javascript port underway that will work both on Node.js and in browsers. When I’m done with the book I will pick up the work on a pure Java implementation that will supersede Cuke4Duke.

I would like to thank everybody on the Cucumber Google group, everybody who has reported bugs, showed it off at their companies or local user groups or promoted it in general. To the contributors who made it into git - thanks so much for giving your time and code. -And the core team, Matt Wynne, Gregory Hnatiuk, Mike Sassak, Joseph Wilk and Ben Mabey. You are awesome.


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